I used to have this page up about a year ago with a huge list of all the contributors. Then the list became too big to maintain so I diteched it and assumed that if you contributed to this site, you know who you are and should be proud of your work.

Well, it's gotten to a point where I want to say it in case you didn't know. This site wouldn't exist without the hundreds of fans that have transcribed lyrics, tabbed out songs, and most importantly supplied me with information on one of my favorite bands.

I also want to thank all the people on the Verve Mailing List before Bitter Sweet Symphony came out. It's too bad the list went to shit, it was one of the best resources for news.

A very special thanks to the Verve and Hut for trying to understand what I'm doing with this site. It's all about helping the best band in the world become the biggest band in the world.

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