Drugs Don't Work

Submitted by: Bryan Elliott
Before you play this, listen to how richard plays it live, when he 
plays the c chord, the 2nd fret on the d string is hammered(term?)
 on and off, like immediately after the word old in the first line,
and after down on the second, he also does it on the Am chord- 
you'll know what i mean if you listen to it :)

C                                                          Am
All this talk of getting old,  its getting me down my love

                     Em                  F               G          C        
like a cat in a bag, waiting to drown- this time i'm coming down

C                                                                     Am
And i hope your thinking of me, as you lay down on your side

                             Em                                F
               G                       C
now the drugs dont work, they just make me worse, and i know i'll see your
face again.

               F    Em               Am                   G                  
and baby, ooh,    if heaven calls- i'm coming too.

                   F   Em                     Am                    G
just like you said,     if i leave your life- i'm better off dead.

Same for next verse and chorus.  then:

                           Em                             F               G
But if you want to show, then just let me know and i'll sing in your ear

Then just improvise, throwing in more verses, and the "baby ooh" part, and
"just like you said" as many times as you'd like.  Thats what he
seems(seemed) to do live- no particular order.  Enjoy!! Bryan Elliott

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