A Storm in Heaven

Star Sail 4.00
Simon Jones - Backing Vocals
Peter Salisbury - Percussion
Slide Away 4.03
Already There 5.39
Richard Ashcroft - Percussion
Kick Horns - Horns
Beautiful Mind 5.27
Richard Ashcroft - Percussion
Nick McCabe - Piano
The Sun, The Sea 5.17
Richard Ashcroft - Percussion
Kick Horns - Horns
Virtual World 6.20
Richard Ashcroft - Percussion
Peter Salisbury - Percussion
Yvette Lacey - Chorus Flute
Simon Clarke - Solo Flute
Make It 'till Monday 3.05
Nick McCabe - Keyboard
Blue 3.24
Richard Ashcroft - Percussion
Butterfly 6.40
See You in the Next
One (Have A Good Time)
Richard Ashcroft - Guitars
Nick McCabe - Piano, Accordian
Released 1993
All tracks written by Simon Jones
Peter Salisbury
Nick McCabe
Richard Ashcroft
Produced by John Leckie
Mixed by John Leckie
Engineered by John Cornfield
Programmed by John Cornfield
Horns arranged by Kick Horns (Simon Clarke,
Tim Sanders, Roddy Lorimer)
Recorded at The Sawmills Studio, Cornwall
Sleeve concept, design
and ard direction by
Brian Cannon for microdot
Photography by Michael Spencer Jones
Notes The Japanese Version includes:
Endless Life (Gravity Grave ep),
Where the Geese Go (Blue single),
and No Come Down (Blue single)

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