In A Field of Their Own 2: Live at Glastonbury '93

This is a 2 CD set released my NME where all the tracks were recorded live from the NME stage at Glastonbury 93.

This is where Verve recorded the famous version of Gravity Grave with Richard sreaming "One more!!" The reason for this was givin in a NME that followed the gig. Apparently Verve's set ran a bit longer and the roadies on the side of the stage were telling them to get off. That's why in the middle of the song you can hear Richard pleading with them, "c'mon man.. we got one more minute.. c'mon..." The roadies were threatning to cut the power but they let Verve finish one of the best versions of Grvity Grave ever!

This version of Gravity Grave can also be found on the US Release No Come Down (b-sides and outtakes).

Other bands on the CD: Spititualized, Orb, Adorable, Suede, Teenage Fanclub, Lemonheads, Ultramarine, and much much more!!

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