The Drugs Don't Work

The Drugs Don't Work (Full Length Version) ??
Bitter Sweet Symphony (James Lavelle Remix) ??
The Crab ??
Stamped ??
Released September 1, 1997
Track 1 - Written by Richard Ashcroft, Produced by Youth, Co-Produced by The Verve, Additional Production and Mixing by Chris Potter

Track 3 - Written by Richard Ashcroft, Produced by Chris Potter

Track 4 - Written by The Verve, Produced by Potter/The Verve

Assistant Engineers Gareth Ashton & Lorraine Francis

Track 2 - "Bitter Sweet Sypmphony" Performed by The Andrew Oldham Orchestra, Produced by Andrew Long Oldham courtesy of The Decca Record Company Ltd. * Vocals by Richard Ashcroft.

"Bitter Sweet Symphony" written by Mick Jagger and Keith Richards and published by ABKCO Music Inc. * Lyrics by Richard Ashcroft. Additional strings conducted and arranged by Wil Malone. Remixed by James Lavelle for U.N.C.L.E. Productions, Additional Production by M. Kudo, T. Goldsworthy, Engineered by Jim Abbis, Scratching by Tony Vegas.

Tracks 1, 3, & 4 Published by EMI Music Ltd.

A microdot Sleeve
Designed and Directed by Brian Cannon
Photography by JOhn Horsley, Eddie Monsoon, David Boyd, Chris Floyd, Barry Johnston

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