No Come Down (B-sides and Outtakes)

No Come Down 3.14
Blue (USA Mix) 3.15
Make It Till Monday (acoustic) 2.44
Butterfly (acoustic) 7.37
Where The Geese Go 3.12
6 O'Clock 4.29
One Way To Go 7.17
Gravity Grave
(Live Glastonbury 93)
Twilight 3.01
All tracks written by Simon Jones
Peter Salisbury
Nick McCabe
Richard Ashcroft
Tracks 1,5 Produced by The Verve,
Engineered by Nick Darside
Tracks 2,3,4,6 Produced by John Leckie
(John Cornfield Engineered tracks 2 & 4)
Track 7 Produced & Mixed by Paul Schroeder
Track 8 Produced by Nick Green & William
Smith for Green and Rich Ltd.
Mixed by The Verve/Sheridan Tongue
Track 9 Produced & Mixed by Barry Clempson
Notes This is the first release that the name "Verve"
was changed to "The Verve" because of the conflict
with jazz record label. They also had to print
this, "The Verve is not affiliated with the Verve
record label, which is a registered trademark of
Deutsche Grammophon, licensed to PolyGram Records, Inc."

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