A Northern Soul

A New Decade ???
Peter Salisbury & Simon Jones - Percussion
This Is Music ???
Peter Salisburn & Richard Ashcroft - Percussion
On Your Own ???
Nick McCabe - Piano & 12 String
Richard Ashcroft - Acoustic Guitar
So it Goes ???
Nick McCabe - Acoustic Guitar & Hammond Organ
Richard Ashcroft - Acoustic Guitar & Percussion
Peter Salisbury - Percussion
A Northern Soul ???
Simon Jones - Keyboards
Brainstorm Interlude ???
Owen Morris - Hammond Organ
Drive You Home ???
History String arrangement - Wil Malone/Owen Morris
Strings played by Gavin Wright & The Longdon Session Orchestra
Recorded at Abbey Road 2, London
Owen Morris - Synthesized Strings
Simon Jones - 12 String Acoustic
Richard Ashcroft - Acoustic Guitar & Percussion
Peter Salisbury - Percussion
No Knock On My Door ???
Richard Ashcroft - Electric Piano
Life's An Ocean ???
Richard Ashcroft & Peter Salisbury - Percussion
Stormy Clouds ???
Nick McCabe - Piano, Moog, Acoustic Guitar
Richard Ashcroft - Acoustic Guitar
All tracks written by The Verve
All tracks produced by Owen Morris & The Verve
Studio Assistant Mark Lee
Recorded & Mixed at Loco Studios, Wales
Mastered by Jack Adams at The Townhouse
Sleeve concept, design & art direction Brian Cannon for microdot
Photography by Michael Spencer Jones except: The Verve on the
bus (Scarlet Page) & The Verve in the cafe (Mary Scanlon)
Notes The limited Edition Digipak version contains 6 postcards
where each card is a page in the regular version's insert.
On the back of each card is a piece of the cafe picture.

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