Richard Ashcroft

is the former lead singer of The Verve [this was written before the reunion]. Cast No Shadow was dedicated to his genius on Morning Glory. A long-time close friend of Noel Gallagher and Oasis, he is an inspiration to us all. What follows are his thoughts on the Oasis phenomenon.

We will dance to the death,
There is no stopping now.
They said it was dead,
The world would be run by hedgehogs and street fighters
Whatever, it's all the same,
Music music, use it, use it.

So sick of talking about some things that happened,
We are part of something happening now.
Albums by the boys are turning into precious metals all over the world.
From the raw spirit of the early tours to world records...
Bonehead playing the spoons when the electricity went in Newcastle
To the now legendary Swedish trip

There was something in the air,
A change, dreams could be realised
Running through Paris didn't give a fuck, just living.
There is a price and hats off
To the souls who gave their private lives and time away for the cause.

Do not be fooled by imitations
There are only a handful of main players in every generation
...but...come on
There isn't much time.

Come on people were making it now.

Richard Ashcroft
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